We Help Active Adults & Athletes In The Hudson Valley Get Back To The Workouts & Sports They Love Without Surgery, Slowing Down Or Having To Rely On Pain Medication.

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There are solutions to all of your orthopedic problems and it all starts with Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance.

We’re a different kind of physical therapy practice than you’ve ever experienced. While most practices focus on high-volume bookings, our focus is on individualized treatment in a quiet, private, and relaxed setting. We only see one patient at time, and you’ll always spend a full hour with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy—not aides or technicians. That means fewer appointments, faster healing, and a quicker return to the activities you love. It also means faster relief from pain. If this approach appeals to you, call to schedule an appointment. You’ll be one step closer to a full recovery!


    I CrossFit, and just recently I was having a pain in my hip in the squat position. Justin not only explained the issue and what was causing it, but he took the time to analyze my squat technique and determine where the issues were. I left with not only a program of exercises to do on my own, but also a sense of relief as well as confidence knowing that I can fix the issue while improving my technique along the way.

    I have been working with Justin over the last few months on a hamstring issue that has been with me for several years. He is the first PT to address the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. He is very thorough and his holistic approach to treatment is truly unique in this field. I am seeing significant improvement and expect to be completely better very soon. He has also treated my kids for 'minor' issues and they saw fast improvement. I highly recommend Justin.
  • PT session for runner in pain!

    I've been struggling with shin pain while training for my first marathon. Had my first 1 hr session with John Nunez last week and it was entirely game changing. John thoroughly explained what was likely causing my pain and what I needed to do differently to train smarter going forward. I learned so much, even in just one session. Feeling empowered and encouraged to continue on with my training with some much needed, smart modifications as well as exercises and stretches I can do to help at home.

    Justin is incredibly smart. He fully educated me on the physiology behind my injury and gave a detailed breakdown on what kind of exercise to do, how often I need to exercise, and what to avoid so that I heal thoroughly.

    I find Dr. Feldman to be very helpful. Sessions with him are thorough and I learn quite a bit. He's motivating and stays positive. Love the personalized approach.