There are solutions to all of your orthopedic problems and it all starts with Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance.

We help active adults & athletes in the Hudson Valley get back to the workouts & sports they love without surgery, slowing down or having to rely on pain medication. We’re a different kind of physical therapy practice than you’ve ever experienced. While most practices focus on high-volume bookings, our focus is on individualized treatment in a quiet, private, and relaxed setting. We only see one patient at time, and you’ll always spend a full hour with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy—not aides or technicians. That means fewer appointments, faster healing, and a quicker return to the activities you love. It also means faster relief from pain. If this approach appeals to you, call to schedule an appointment. You’ll be one step closer to a full recovery!

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We don’t only treat your symptoms, we uncover the source of the problemand give you the tools to correct the issue so it never returns.

Feldman PT continies to impress Feldman Stories

PT with Ashley since Feb and pretty much 100% through covid has continued to be wonderful. Can't recommend them enough.

Aug 30, 2020
Knee quad surgery Feldman Stories

John is amazing, I came all the way from London/ England to see him about my knee. Thanks John for your help.

Aug 16, 2020

Another awesome appointment with Justin! Feldman Stories

Justin hit the bullseye with my foot manipulation/massage which helped tremendously! Then explained my “homework” which is also really helping! I really didn’t need my podiatrist appointment after Justin saw me. Thanks again Justin. This will go a long way in getting me back up and “RUNNING “!!!

Mar 5, 2020

The best PT around Feldman Stories

I've been to Ashley now for several issues. She is fantastic. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. She figures out the root cause of my problem and develops a personalized program for me to solve the issue and get back to my sports. I have gained a lot of whole body strength over the past year through her guidance, and feel physically better than I have in years. Who would have thought that at age 59, I'm stronger than I was in my 20s! Thanks Ashley!

Aug 19, 2020

John Feldman Stories

I have been going to John for a number of years. I’ve been maintaining good results, wouldn’t switch.

Jul 29, 2020

Great first appointment Feldman Stories

My first appointment was great! I now have a great rehab plan to attack on my own. Very pleased!! Love the video feature with Justin’s voice over with proper form instructions. Also the great open lines of communication for questions

Feb 4, 2020

Remote PT session Feldman Stories

Considering the current situation and the requests for all to stay home, I had my first ZOOM meeting PT session with Ashley yesterday. It went perfectly and have no problems continuing in this way. She was able to give me instruction, correct my form as well as discuss my situation and exercises moving forward - just as if I was in the office with her. In light of everything going on, thank goodness for modern technology and that my recovery after surgery hasn't had to suffer.

Mar 20, 2020

5 stars Feldman Stories

Amazing. Best of the best. John took his time, examined each area that’s needs work. Gave me the best exercises that would work for me. 3 days I see already see a difference.

Feb 26, 2020

Justin is the best Feldman Stories

Justin is the best physical therapist I’ve seen. His diagnostic skills and treatment methods are nothing short of phenomenal.

Jan 30, 2020

Superior service Feldman Stories

Ashley is wonderful. I think it is a very special experience to have a solid hour with a PT , once a week. She has made a big difference in how I feel and she educates me on how to continue my progress during the week. I will continue to use Feldman PT for my therapy needs.

Jan 24, 2020

fantastic, dedicated physical therapist Feldman Stories

John is able to very clearly explain what's going on with your body and what can be done to help. He is dedicated to his work. You can tell it's not just a job for him. 1 1/2 years ago, I went to him thinking that perhaps I could relieve the chronic back pain I had been experiencing for 6 months but that I would never run again. I am happy to report that I've been pain-free ever since and running after 3 visits.

Jan 26, 2020

Best In Class Feldman Stories

Yesterday was my first visit. Totally impressed with Justin's care, He took great time listening and explaining the reasons why I'm suffering with back pain. Within the hour, I could already appreciate the benefits of his skill, knowledge, and experience. The visit gave me confidence that I will be able to function normally again soon. I am so thankful members of my family referred him.

Jan 16, 2020

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