Triathlon Coaching in Dutchess County, NY

Are you thinking of training for a triathlon race?

Do you want to have a guided plan built just for you by experts in the field?

Do you want to do your best to avoid having your training interrupted by injuries?

Are You interested in training to maximize your performance, without having your training plan take over your life?

If so you have come to the right place.

Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance is proud to offer online and in person triathlon coaching. Don’t go it alone. Every coaching client starts with a head to toe screen to help identify any issue that could cause a problem as training begins and a dedicated online portal to access all data and communicate with your coach.

A few examples of why you may need Triathlon Coaching:

  • Sprint triathlon
  • Olympic triathlon
  • Olympic distance triathlon
  • Half ironman triathlon
  • Full ironman triathlon

For more information contact us today!