Ankle injuries send millions of people to the emergency room and to urgent care every year. Athletes who are jumping or changing directions quickly come to mind first. But, a twisted ankle or ankle sprains can happen to any of us just taking a wrong step off of the curb! Though sprains are the most common ankle injury, they aren’t the only ones. Physical Therapists also treat conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, Achilles repair rehabilitation, balance difficulties, Lyme disease, and arthritis.

If you have had a recent ankle injury from a sport or even from a wrong step, swelling typically occurs quickly.  Walking may not be possible if you heard or felt the ‘pop’ that many patients describe.  It’s important to contact Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance soon after the injury occurs.  A full evaluation by our Doctors of Physical Therapy can determine if additional tests are needed and get a jump start on the best plan to begin recovery.

Some ankle injuries may only require ice and rest, others will require rehabilitation. There is no set timeline for recovery but, working with a Physical Therapist can certainly help speed it up.  At Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance, you will experience one on one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to create a personalized plan that gets you meeting and even exceeding your goals with fewer visits.  The immediate goals are to reduce pain and swelling.  As rehabilitation progresses, you can expect ankle exercises to improve range of motion, strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.

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No matter how common the injury, yours is unique to you.  Our visits are designed to pinpoint the root of the problem and develop a custom plan to prevent the issue from returning. We want you to be better than you were before the injury!