Is it possible to be strong, flexible and not live at the gym?

Can you have a training plan that can be done at home or at the gym?

Can we create a program that is personalized for you, based on your goals, but that you can complete on your own?


At Feldman Physical Therapy & Performance we have created a system that allows us to create an individual program for each of our athletes, present it to them in an easy to understand fashion that they can bring to the gym or use at home, and that will teach them proper form and mechanics all without having to come into the office.

The program was designed by our doctors of physical therapy, who all have an extensive background in coaching/training and strength and conditioning.  You get these workouts delivered right to your weekly within a dedicated app.
  • 2-4 workouts per week (Depending on your individual goal)
  • 45-60 min per workout
  • Detailed instruction on form and mechanics for each movement
  • Programed based on the equipment you have available to you

Our goal is to give you pain free training, to help you achieve all your goals, and improve your performance!

If this sounds like what you have been looking for:  SIGNUP TODAY!