We think that we do a great job giving our patients the best care they can find, but really you shouldn’t take our word for it, (we are after all, a little biased). These are a few of things that our patients have said about their unique experience with our approach to physical therapy over the years. We love seeing so many of our patients come in for pain and/or an injury and watch them achieve things that didn’t even thing would be possible before their injury. Our goal is always to help you become stronger, healthier and more resilient than you were before your injury occurred.

Ashley is fantastic. I’ve been working with her for a nagging Achilles injury. I’ve gone from limping around in pain to finally being able to run again and slowly increasing my distance. Ashley’s approach is empathetic, professional and enthusiastic. She always has my health and my goals at the forefront of her plan. She explains what the desired outcomes are and then helps her clients achieve them. She uses her own time to develop strengthening and return to run plans. Highly recommended!!

Jun 27, 2020

For the second time I worked with Ashley. She listens well, is knowledgeable and thorough, and highly detailed with her treatment plan and explanations. Tele med was very convenient and no impediment to outstanding treatment. Running well once again!

May 23, 2020

I am impressed and comfortable with my first appointment by Tele Health with Ashley. I feel supported and encouraged to have my running improve under Ashley’s guidance. I can’t wait to eliminate my shin splints and meet my dream to do a marathon! I strongly recommend Feldman Physical Therapy, PLLC!

Apr 10, 2020

Ashley was patient polite knowledgeable and thorough. My injury is somewhat mysterious. I have an X-ray mri and ultrasound. I had seen 3 acupuncturists , two osteopaths, a chiropracter, a physical therapist , And an orthopedist twice. None did the eval that Ashley did. I am very please Committed to determining the source of pain, places where there was muscle weakness and creating a program for me to follow at home. I am very pleased and look forward to getting relief with her guidance.

Mar 8, 2020

I really can't say enough about Ashley. We decided to try Feldman because they were the only local PT that advertised a focus on running injuries and form. I was reluctant to pay out of pocket but can assure anyone who may be wondering, it is completely worth it! Ashely has helped our daughter in so many ways and inspired her to keep going. We feel very lucky to have found her. We drive 45 minutes to see her twice a month and I am happy to do so. She's an excellent DPT and a great person!

Mar 2, 2020

I went to Ashley for post-concussion symptoms and made more progress in three visits than I had over the past three months. An hour of undivided attention is a unicorn in the medical world, and Ashley clearly knows her stuff. I never doubt I'm in good hands. Wholeheartedly recommend.

Jan 8, 2020

After being throw around from another place with no improvements. I decided to try John. I had already been in Pt for a year and was frustrated. Within minutes John explained what was wrong, why I wasn't healing and we got right to work. After 5 session I'm close to a full recovery. John is extremely patient, knowledgable and I would highly recommend him if you need physical Therapy or rehabilitation. Can't say enough great things about him! Patient, April 2016

I have gained insight into my injury and felt relief from John's hands-on treatment and guidance. I would definitely recommend seeking his services for your therapy related needs. Patient, April 2016

John is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and full of ideas on ideas/exercises you can do on your own time. He has earned my trust in a short period of time due to his professionalism, intelligence, and genuine concern for his patients. He is always helpful and positive, no matter how tough your situation may be. I highly recommend John for all of your physical therapy needs. Patient, March 2016

The care and treatment here is first rate and state of the art in knowledge and pro active solutions to problems. Patient, March 2016

I have been receiving therapy since my last spinal surgery. I credit John with giving me excellent care and good exercises for home. I would recommend Feldman to anyone. Patient, March 2016

I have been to other physical therapists and have never received PT where it is just me and the physical therapist. Justin has made a huge difference in my everyday functioning. My meniscus had been very problematic - the doctor suggested surgery - after only 1 month of visits with Justin I am able to do most everything I did before injuring my knee. He is a kind, competent, professional! Patient, February 2016

I can't stress enough the wonderful treatment I am getting from John. He's very professional and yet very personable. I am healing and stronger thanks to him. Patient, February 2016

I have been to Justin for several different injuries now. He has helped me a lot. These are injuries that I have taken to other physical therapists over the years with little benefit, but Justin's different approach has yielded great results. He is very knowledgeable and really spends the time to figure out the root of my problems and design an individualized program to address my needs. I am now back to doing the activities I love thanks to Justin! Patient, January 2016

Need I say more? This is real quality hands-on for the entire hour therapy. With great results! So much more effective and less time-wasting than the usual abbreviated 3 times per week routine of other therapists. Patient, January 2016

I have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received from John. He is very personable, but, professional. He pushes me, but takes into consideration my age (66). I will continue to use his service. Patient, January 2016

Justin is worth his weight in gold. He is helping me fix debilitating injuries I previously believed were permanent. Patient, January 2016

I've been struggling with shin pain while training for my first marathon. Had my first 1 hr session with John Nunez last week and it was entirely game changing. John thoroughly explained what was likely causing my pain and what I needed to do differently to train smarter going forward. I learned so much, even in just one session. Feeling empowered and encouraged to continue on with my training with some much needed, smart modifications as well as exercises and stretches I can do to help at home. Patient, September 2015

An excellent combination of muscle strengthening and coordination, just what I needed after months of cardio medication that resulted in loss of muscle tone! I Thanks Justin for getting my golf game back on the right track! Patient, September 2015

First, I'm am very happy to have had the chance to work with john. He is very knowledgable in his approach. Even though we went past our time he allowed me to ask as many questions as I had after. All I can say is if you have an issue make an appointment asap. Patient, June 2015

I have been diagnosed with planters plantar fasciitis with my local podiatrist and she recommended I go to physical therapy. After hearing so many awesome reviews of Feldman Physical Therapy, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. Not only am I getting one-on-one treatment with John a doctor of physical therapy, but I already feel the difference and feel like I am on the road to recovery. Thank you John and Feldman Physical Therapy for all your help and continued help. Patient, September 2015

John has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Very pleasant but still professional. I have come a long way and learned some exercises that I can continue to do at home. I have recommended him to everyone I know, even my surgeon! Patient, September 2015

John Nunez has worked with me on 2 separate issues with great success and no surgery. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable. The personal one on one physical therapy sessions have helped me recover totally. John has given me a program I can use at home to continue my recovery. I highly recommend John Nunez. Patient, October 2015

I have been seeing John Nunez for several weeks now. His father performed surgery on my shoulder for an impingement about 15 years ago and I have not recovered from it. John has been able to provide me with one on one hands on therapy sessions which are strengthen my muscles and joints in my shoulder area and it is providing relief and greater mobility that I thought was not attainable. He is very gifted. Patient, October 2015

I have been going to this physical therapy for a month. As my job has made my pain worse, this physical therapy and exercises he has given me less pain. Hoping to relieve pain totally in the near future. He is very careful and explains everything. Thank you. Patient, October 2015

Working with John has been an absolute pleasure. I had been dealing with hip pain for months. Within a very short period of time I felt 100% better. If you need PT, look no further! Patient, September 2015

Prior to seeing John at Feldman PT I didn't have any kind of activity in my day to day life. John is very knowledgeable in his field, I feel very comfortable with his approach to physical therapy. I've had approximately 7 sessions with John & it has greatly improved my mobility. I plan on continuing my physical therapy at Feldman PT until I'm strong enough to enter into a work out program. Thank you John for helping me get my life back. Patient, October 2015

I have been seeing John for a little over 2 months now and have had nothing but knowledgable, attentive, and personal treatment. I have been through plenty of PT in the past, and although much of it was good I never received such one-on-one and thorough treatment. I would definitely suggest trying it out for yourself. Patient, October 2015

Justin has helped me understand my shoulder injuries like no other. He has been absolutely crucial to my recovery! Patient, November 2015

Decided to try ART technique with John to help me recover with knee injury. So far so good. I can't wait to see my progress. Patient, November 2015

I started out with a very vague description of what my problem was and John somehow deciphered what my problem is. I now have exercises to do and they are helping in only 2 weeks. Visit them you will not be disappointed!! Patient, October 2015

Very pleased. While the out of pocket costs may seem like it's more money, when you factor in what you are getting with Justin vs most factory PT offices you're saving yourself time and money! Patient, November 2015

I have gone to many PTs over the years. The one hour one on one concept is far and away the best. Less wasted time, more time with a PT(a full hour) and the reality is it is cheaper than going 3x per week and dealing with copays. John Nunez is phenomenal. There are times when he resolves my issues in just one session. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and able to make you understand what you need to do on your own between sessions, including sending you videos. Far and away the best!!! Patient, April 2015

Sounds like quite a boast, but it is true. Justin is such a smart and talented clinician, and he is also very kind and understanding. His depth of knowledge enables him to listen to symptoms and find ways to work with you so that you move (and feel) better. Patient, May 2015

Justin did an amazing job with my ankle and gave me some good suggestions to exercises i should be doing before I play soccer. Patient, July 2015

I am a returning patient and will continue to be as I find that the attention to detail, knowledge and bedside manner of my PT is all I could hope for. Don't pass these guys up. You can't afford to miss them. Patient, July 2015

First, I'm am very happy to have had the chance to work with john. He is very knowledgable in his approach. Even though we went past our time he allowed me to ask as many questions as I had after. All I can say is if you have an issue make an appointment asap. Patient, June 2015

I came in after arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus. John asked good questions about the nature of the injury, type of surgery performed, current state of recovery, and my goals (triathlon training). Throughout the assessment and exercise session he explained what happened to the muscles during surgery, and what would be happening during the recovery process. He even explained the state of individual muscles, the role they played, and why we needed to target them. I highly recommend John Patient, June 2015

Major shoulder injury from a fall in 2013, mostly left shoulder problem, constant pain increasing until I visited Justin in Spring 2015. 6 visits I am now mostly pain free. I had friends with similar pain symptoms who had surgery with marginal outcomes. If you have shoulder pain I would recommend you visit Justin for an evaluation and possible treatment. He is very frank about the issues and what can be expected. I am 69 years old and accept a little discomfort but not as severe as I had. Patient, June 2015

I have never been to a PT before but making an appointment with Justin for my shoulder pain was a good decision. He really took his time to diagnose the cause of my pain and I have every confidence that if I do the exercises he prescribed and see him for a follow up visit or two, that I will make progress and possibly eliminate the pain altogether. Thanks, Justin! Patient, June 2015

I came to Justin barely able to run anymore due to my knee. Within no time he had me running and within a couple weeks after that I was headed out for 5 mile runs. Justin is patient, explains what he is thinking and has finally been able to help me move forward and not be in pain with my training.

May 1, 2020

Fortunately, I do not have constant need for Justin's services, BUT when I do, the analysis, treatment and recommended ongoing exercises are concise, professionally administered and explained such that us "layman" can understand what to do going forward. And BTW, results of treatment have been excellent Patient, August 2015

I’ve tried several PT practices and Justin beats them by far! You really feel like you’ve worked hard during a session (in a good way) and he gives you one-on-one attention for the entire visit. I would recommend him to anyone!!

Aug 30, 2020

John was a huge help with my back. I had been going to another pt and they didn't help me as much or stay with me the whole visit like john did. I couldn't run bc I would have pain but after the visit with John my back didnt hurt me at all ive been able to run again with no pain and I do the stretchs he showed me and my back has been good. Ive told people how wonderful and knowledged he is. I also told people i highly recommend him to anyone that has a problem. Patient, April 2015

Justin is an amazing PT. I had some serious issues and I am now stronger than ever. He gave me a few exercises and workouts which worked really well. I highly recommend him.

Aug 16, 2020

What is so great about seeing Justin is that he is constantly educating himself and learning new and improved techniques for PT. He attended a seminar just a day before my PT session and was able to implement new stretches and exercises to help fix my issue. Patient, April 2015

I saw Justin, and he was able to get a diagnosis and treatment plan going right away. Injury was painful but not serious - he had me running again after a week. Went for a few visits so he could help with not only the initial injury, but also the root cause of the problem, which should keep me injury-free. He sends a video of the exercises he recommends, making them easy to do correctly at home.

Aug 6, 2020

John once again, spent as much time as was needed to narrow down my issue and then to solve it. His ability to look at the body as a whole and not just individual components allows for a greater understanding of why something could be wrong. I consider him a huge asset within my resources to help maintain my physical condition through my endurance training and life. Patient, April 2015

I can’t say enough about Justin and this firm. They are extremely knowledgeable. I did my visit virtually and it was great. Now I just need to execute the exercises to help my knee get stronger.

Jun 28, 2020

Justin has made a huge difference for me during recovery from a fractured foot. He is kind and caring. He is very knowledgeable and does a great job explaining things. His office is in a great location. He is always prompt. The one on one attention can't be beat. The entire appointment is spent directly with him. As an added plus, Justin is very personable- a pleasurable and successful experience all the way around. Patient, March 2015

I've been seeing Dr Justin Feldman post cervical foraminotomy for recovery of the nerves and muscles associated with my rotator cuff and arm. I am extremely grateful for our sessions and the amazing progress we have made together. Dr Feldman has systematically restored my arm's mobility and strength. In early March we switched to tele-health appointments, of which he was able to continue my treatment seamlessly.

Jun 15, 2020

I have been working with Justin over the last few months on a hamstring issue that has been with me for several years. He is the first PT to address the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. He is very thorough and his holistic approach to treatment is truly unique in this field. I am seeing significant improvement and expect to be completely better very soon. He has also treated my kids for 'minor' issues and they saw fast improvement. I highly recommend Justin. Patient, March 2015

I was just about ready to give up running because of one injury after another, but Justin proved that with a few modifications and some focused strength exercises, not only could I still run, I could run better than ever! I've been able to convince these old feet and hips of mine that they really do want to run the Feldman PT way. Justin and gang have been nothing but encouraging and I expect, thanks to them, I will continue to run into my 60s, 70s, 80's and beyond. Thank you!

May 19, 2020

John is willing to go the extra mile with each session we have. I don’t feel rushed, and he takes his time to individualize each appointment. John is dedicated and knowledgeable, and creates an atmosphere that makes each client feel comfortable and motivated to meet their desired goals. Truly genuine and I highly recommend him!" R.D., March 2015

As a new client, I wasn't sure whether a teleheath appt would work for me but I am SO impressed with how thorough Justin was during my visit! First, the teleheath format was great and very efficient. Justin saw things about my form and posture that I had no idea were contributing to my running issues. In just one visit I feel more body awareness and trust in the treatment plan I was given. I love the app used for the prescribed exercises. Can't wait for my next visit.

Apr 23, 2020

I find Dr. Feldman to be very helpful. Sessions with him are thorough and I learn quite a bit. He's motivating and stays positive. Love the personalized approach. Patient, March 2015

I’ve been visiting Justin over the years and recently had my first Virtual Visit. Because of Justin’s fantastic diagnostic skills he was able to provide the same high quality service I’ve come to expect from my in person visits. He diagnosed an acute back injury, explained what was going on, and provided a plan of action with easy to follow exercises. The treatment has been highly effective and I’ve already seen positive results. I can’t recommend Virtual Visits with Justin highly enough.

Mar 31, 2020

I CrossFit, and just recently I was having a pain in my hip in the squat position. Justin not only explained the issue and what was causing it, but he took the time to analyze my squat technique and determine where the issues were. I left with not only a program of exercises to do on my own, but also a sense of relief as well as confidence knowing that I can fix the issue while improving my technique along the way. B.B, February 2015

Had a great virtual visit with Justin yesterday. I have exercises to do, but I feel so hopeful after this appointment. I’m truly grateful.

Mar 26, 2020

I find Dr. Feldman to be very helpful. Sessions with him are thorough and I learn quite a bit. He’s motivating and stays positive. Love the personalized approach. C.F., February 2015

Yesterday I had a virtual appointment with Justin. After fracturing my worst and being in a cast for so long, I was having issues on the opposite side of he fracture. We had fun as I inflicted pain on myself and made great progress. Looking forward to getting the rage of motion back to where it should be. Thank you, Justin!

Mar 26, 2020

I went to Justin Feldman for neck pain after 2 years of seeing a chiropractor regularly for maintenance. Maintenance of my injury was exactly what I was getting. I looked to Justin to find out the reason for my injury and how to stop re-injuring myself and landing back at the chiropractor. In a 1 hour consult, he was able to indicate exactly what my problem was and taught me exercises to work towards strengthening my weak areas and improve my overall mobility and strength. Patient, February 2015

Always patient, creative and helpful. Justin has never failed me in helping me feel better. He had turned difficult situations into comfort

Mar 21, 2020

At the end of my session, I felt informed and confident that I chose the right place to help me heal. My therapist, John Nunez, is professional and knowledgeable, and he raises the bar for physical therapists in our area. J.C., February 2014

Justin continues to be the best. His knowledge, expertise, and social manner make the healing process much better. A.H., February 2015

I have known Justin for 10+ years. The quality care that you will receive when you see him or John in Fishkill for any issue needing physical therapy is second to none. Other places cannot even come close. I have seen him for a plethora of reasons over the years, but this latest injury is pretty severe. I started treatment at a "PT Center" and quickly realized I needed the care, knowledge, and professionalism that Justin and John provide consistently. There is no place else I'd rather go.

Feb 21, 2020

I went to Justin Feldman for neck pain after two years of seeing a chiropractor regularly for maintenance. Maintenance of my injury was exactly what I was getting. I looked to Justin to find out the reason for my injury and how to stop reinjuring myself and landing back at the chiropractor. In a one-hour consult, he was able to indicate exactly what my problem was and he taught me exercises to work toward strengthening my weak areas and improve my overall mobility and strength. A.T., February 2015

I recent had shoulder surgery. I did not having the movements and strength I wanted. After my first appointment with Justin I felt positive that with the exercises he showed me and how he took the time to explain what I needed to do, I will progress forward and get back my strength and movement.

Feb 9, 2020

Justin is incredibly smart. He fully educated me on the physiology behind my injury and gave a detailed breakdown on what kind of exercise to do, how often I need to exercise, and what to avoid so that I heal thoroughly. M.M., January 2015

John and Justin provide the most comprehensive, professional, and educational services a patient could want. I was looking for pre-hab therapy to enhance my sports performance and they gave me a ‘professional athlete’ level of service that is sure to make significant improvements in my training and racing. I recommend this team 100 percent to anyone trying to prevent or recover from injuries large or small! S.H., January 2015

Very skilled and a lot of fun to just spend time with during what would ordinarily be boring therapy. He had been highly recommended to me by several friends, and I can only say that their advice was right on the nose.” D.B., December 2014


APRIL 2016

I have been having PT with John Nunez. I'm going once a week for maintenance. Great results!

I would recommend him to anyone! He treats each patients according to their issues and takes to time out to explain what he's doing and answer questions. He's caring and goes above and beyond to assist. Patient, July 2014

Very pleased with my post-surgery shoulder PT with Justin. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have had PT by a few different groups over the years and Justin stands out as the best. J.S., January 2015

I saw John Nunez about some severe plantar issues that were hampering my distance running. I'm only a week in, but by following the exercises I'm already feeling 25-50% better!

Jun 29, 2020

Thank you John for doing a phone consult and then a tele med appointment. I appreciate that service! John was thorough during our appointment and quickly sent over my care plan. I look forward to running pain free again, sometime in the future.

May 20, 2020

I have been going to John since my back surgery. He’s personable, knowledgeable and professional. Can’t ask for more.

May 13, 2020

What I appreciate most about the approach and practice of John is how he assesses each issue of pain and then individualizes the exercise program to fit each need. I also really appreciate the ongoing communication by way of email and or phone calls to update my progress and then when needed to make an appointment to learn new exercises based on where I am at. He is patient and encouraging and desiring to get optimal results. I Higly Recommend John and Justin Feldman PT.

May 7, 2020

I've been working with John Nunez for a while now on my back, and he is always so helpful and so creative and innovative with exercises for me to try during our session and at home. The videoconferencing works seamlessly and I'm so happy that I can continue the work. Thank you, John!

Apr 26, 2020

I've been visiting via Tele Health Apt. with John for a few weeks now. I had a couple apts. in the office prior, but am so grateful to continue with care this way and for his encouragement and professionalism. For anyone who might be thinking you can't do much from home, I found that to be the opposite. I don't have much exercise equipment in my home, but John comes up with a way to challenge me to get stronger each time. I'm grateful for his commitment and that of the team.

Apr 20, 2020

I am very grateful for this virtual PT session. Jon as usual is succinct and encouraging and gave me just enough exercises is to Strengthen my shoulders. Especially the left one which is having the problem.

Mar 28, 2020

I have been working with John and in just a few weeks the pain was gone. I am continuing to build strength and am the strongest I have been in years just only after a few months. He is able to tailor a program to each individual needs, working around any other existing issues or limitations to still gain strength.

Mar 22, 2020

John Nunez did a fabulous job diagnosing my issue and developing a course of PT that targeted my problem and alleviated the symptoms I had. I had undergone PT for this condition years ago with another therapist and that therapy was nowhere near the level of attention I received from John. I would recommend John to anyone in need of PT.

Feb 8, 2020

PT with Ashley since Feb and pretty much 100% through covid has continued to be wonderful. Can't recommend them enough.

Aug 30, 2020

John is amazing, I came all the way from London/ England to see him about my knee. Thanks John for your help.

Aug 16, 2020

Justin hit the bullseye with my foot manipulation/massage which helped tremendously! Then explained my “homework” which is also really helping! I really didn’t need my podiatrist appointment after Justin saw me. Thanks again Justin. This will go a long way in getting me back up and “RUNNING “!!!

Mar 5, 2020

I've been to Ashley now for several issues. She is fantastic. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. She figures out the root cause of my problem and develops a personalized program for me to solve the issue and get back to my sports. I have gained a lot of whole body strength over the past year through her guidance, and feel physically better than I have in years. Who would have thought that at age 59, I'm stronger than I was in my 20s! Thanks Ashley!

Aug 19, 2020

I have been going to John for a number of years. I’ve been maintaining good results, wouldn’t switch.

Jul 29, 2020

My first appointment was great! I now have a great rehab plan to attack on my own. Very pleased!! Love the video feature with Justin’s voice over with proper form instructions. Also the great open lines of communication for questions

Feb 4, 2020

Considering the current situation and the requests for all to stay home, I had my first ZOOM meeting PT session with Ashley yesterday. It went perfectly and have no problems continuing in this way. She was able to give me instruction, correct my form as well as discuss my situation and exercises moving forward - just as if I was in the office with her. In light of everything going on, thank goodness for modern technology and that my recovery after surgery hasn't had to suffer.

Mar 20, 2020

Amazing. Best of the best. John took his time, examined each area that’s needs work. Gave me the best exercises that would work for me. 3 days I see already see a difference.

Feb 26, 2020

Justin is the best physical therapist I’ve seen. His diagnostic skills and treatment methods are nothing short of phenomenal.

Jan 30, 2020

Ashley is wonderful. I think it is a very special experience to have a solid hour with a PT , once a week. She has made a big difference in how I feel and she educates me on how to continue my progress during the week. I will continue to use Feldman PT for my therapy needs.

Jan 24, 2020

John is able to very clearly explain what's going on with your body and what can be done to help. He is dedicated to his work. You can tell it's not just a job for him. 1 1/2 years ago, I went to him thinking that perhaps I could relieve the chronic back pain I had been experiencing for 6 months but that I would never run again. I am happy to report that I've been pain-free ever since and running after 3 visits.

Jan 26, 2020

Yesterday was my first visit. Totally impressed with Justin's care, He took great time listening and explaining the reasons why I'm suffering with back pain. Within the hour, I could already appreciate the benefits of his skill, knowledge, and experience. The visit gave me confidence that I will be able to function normally again soon. I am so thankful members of my family referred him.

Jan 16, 2020