A physical therapist can help you reach and even exceed your fitness goals whether you are a regular at the gym, getting ready to return or just starting out on your exercise journey. Take your strength training to the next level by improving mobility. Get personalized workout tips for exercising safely and effectively to improve your results. Many people avoid the gym or a regular fitness routine if they have been injured or are experiencing pain. It can easily cause anyone to fall out of a healthy routine. A pain-free workout doesn’t have to be impossible. Contact us Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance for a  full evaluation by our Doctors of Physical Therapy. We will assess strength and mobility, determine the safest and most effective plan to get you back into your fitness routine and even improve it!  Our goal isn’t just to make you pain free. It’s to get you stronger so that you can return to what you love and do it better than before!

 At Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance, you will experience one on one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to create a personalized plan that gets you meeting and even exceeding your goals with fewer visits.  Our gym-based setting allows us to assess movements and issues during the actual activity.  Watching you in action means that we can more easily uncover and address the root cause.  It also provides the ability to teach you what you need to do to help yourself in the actual environment where you will be working.  You can expect a focus on stretches and exercises to improve range of motion, strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.  

No matter how common the injury, yours is unique to you.  Our visits are designed to pinpoint the root of the problem and develop a custom plan to prevent the issue from returning. We want you to be better than you were before the injury!