We are so proud to be part of an amazing and thriving community. We also realize how incredibly lucky and fortunate we are, and because of that are proud to support our community in as many ways as possible. We all spend time giving back to various groups, organizations and causes. If you feel there is a cause that could use our support, please bring it to our attention. While we know we can’t support every cause, we strive to do our best to have the greatest impact on our community possible.

Here is just a few of the helpful links to events and organizations that we support.

Walkway Marathon
LaGrange Soccer Club
MidHudson Road Runners Club
Hudson River Rowing Association

American Heart Association – Dutchess/Ulster Division

American Heart Association – Dutchess/Ulster Division
Eastern Dutchess Road Runners Club

Marist College Physical Therapy

Marist College Physical Therapy
Kingston Stockade