In 2013 when Justin started Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance his goal from the start was to build a team of physical therapists, coaches, dieticians and other likeminded professionals that would bring the highest level of care to the Hudson Valley. We are so proud of our team and all that we are able to bring to our patients’ and clients’. Hudson Valley residents no longer need to travel to the city for the best care, it is available right here in their own backyard.

Justin Feldman, PT, DPT

As a young boy, and much to my chagrin, I often accompanied my mom to her physical therapy sessions since leaving an eight year-old home alone was not an option.
Turns out joining her for these sessions was entertaining and amusing because for once, someone else got to boss my Mom around…a role she typically assumed in grand fashion on the homefront. Click Here to Read Full Bio.

John Nunez, PT, DPT

I enjoy helping people and eating pizza. I grew up in Fishkill. I went to school, played sports, then went back to school. I accrued a whole lot of big unnecessary textbooks, before finally landing a job with Justin largely because he didn’t require an interview. We’ve been rocking and rolling ever since… growing every year as a team and with the community that we work tirelessly to serve. Click Here to Read Full Bio.

Ashley Witson, PT, DPT

I’m an animal-loving physical therapist with a palate for good coffee and great wine. I’m also a multiple knee surgery survivor and ex-collegiate soccer player with a need for speed. My physical therapy story started as a young girl. My daredevil stepdad (think Evil Knievel) put the thought into my head, “You know Ash, you should really think about it. You’re the perfect person for the job.” Click Here to Read Full Bio.

Megan VonEgypt, PT, DPT

As a frequent flier in PT myself over the years, I understand how you’re feeling right now.  And, if you’re looking at this page, that means you’re in the absolute right place to start feeling like YOU again.
My PT journey began as a patient during my senior year of high school. Click Here to Read Full Bio.

Kristine Reed, RD

Kristine’s relationship with nutrition came at a young age when her brother became a serious wrestler in high school and she became a serious distance runner. It was a struggle to plan meals to them feed both in a way that would support their athletic goals. The wrestler would be eating salads and the runner would be eating everything in sight! Click Here to Read Full Bio.

Henley, Official Therapy Dog

Henley is a physical activity junky! She’s all about running, jumping, chasing Frisbees, climbing hills, and going full tilt at all times. She’s half convinced she can fly and has been spotted at the local superhero store sizing up capes—probably something with a big “H” on the back so you know it’s her!

You’ll see her hanging out at our offices from time to time where she likes to stay abreast of all things physical therapy. She’s serious about making sure her body function like a fine-tuned Ferrari and knows that Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance holds all the secrets.

Look for her on the podium at the next Dog Olympics!