Since our founding in 2013, Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance has been committed to improving the overall health and wellbeing of everyone who walks through our doors. Over the years, we have worked diligently to meet our patients and clients where they are in their journey to help them focus on their health and wellness needs.

Lifestyle Wellness is an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare.

It encompasses people from all backgrounds including individuals simply looking to improve their health and wellness or athletes looking to improve performance and decrease their risk of injuries. It can also include large groups such as teams, professional organizations or businesses looking to improve the health and productivity of their members.

How does it work?

Sometimes it is as simple as setting up an initial evaluation with one of our therapists to determine an appropriate plan of action individualized to you or your group. Other times, we may incorporate the help of physicians, dieticians, psychologists, and even wearable technology to help you succeed in your journey.

We are excited to use our skills and knowledge to continue the expansion of our offerings in this area. Whether it be done in-person or via virtual visit, helping you, your team or company develop an appropriate health and wellness plan is a key to success! As always, our goals do not just lie in rehabilitation, but to also help individuals reach their full potential. Therefore Lifestyle Wellness exists!

lifestyle wellness