Feldman Physical Therapy and Performance understands the unique needs of the running community. That’s why we started the Hudson Valley’s first running injury clinic. Each visit begins with a complete total-body evaluation, footwear evaluation, and a video analysis of your running technique. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will use this to help determine how to make you a more efficient, pain free life-long runner. If you are a runner or thinking about becoming one, stop in to see Justin or John today.

Common conditions we treat include hamstring strains, quad strains, knee pain , patellofemoral pain syndrome, Runner’s knee, ACL tear, MCL tear, LCL tear, shin splints, ankle pain, foot pain plantar fasciitis, bunions and toe pain.  Though we hope to avoid surgery with Physical Therapy, it may be required with severe injuries. Physical Therapy is integral for both rehab and prehab.  There is no set timeline for recovery but, working with a Physical Therapist can certainly help speed it up.

On your first visit to the running injury clinic, the source of your pain will be identified and a customized plan will be created to facilitate fast healing. You’ll even be able to continue training during your treatment! And most important, you will experience fast relief with long-lasting effects.

Every injury is different. In most cases, the longer an injury has lingered, the more severe it is—and the more difficult it will be to treat. Catching an injury early is the key to a fast, long-lasting recovery. Treating injuries as they occur helps reduce the risk of further injury due to altered form or technique because of pain. The longer you wait, the more severe your injury becomes. Don’t put treatment off any longer. We want you to be better than you were before the injury!